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Wallpaper from your own motif
You can have your own individual wallpaper created from your own motif!

Delivery time:
14 business days

after your order was booked

File requirements:
- File format: JPG
- Resolution: 1 Mio pixel = 1 m2
- Price: 23,45 €/m2

Just upload file and choose format!

To upload >>

Material DPX 465
- All sizes possible
- Washable
- Easy application, easy removable
- stable in dimensions. No stretching or shrinking
- UV stable (lightfast)
- Non woven wallpaper 150 g
- Wallpaper width: 46,5cm

How do I order? >>
Can I bundle different orders? >>
My pictures are not shown after upload! >>
How does the shopping cart work? >>
What are my options for image transmission? >>
How long does the upload via Internet take? >>
How do I order?

Ordering with Berlintapete is very simple. After you have decided on your desired motives or uploaded your photos, please enter the format that you want us to deliver. With one click on �Add to shopping cart�, you store the products there.

You may now choose more products from other collections or transfer other pictures. Once you have placed all your desired items in the shopping cart, you may change the amount there or delete the wallpaper. Click on ‘order’, and you will automatically be taken through the rest of the order process.

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Can I bundle different orders?

We regret that an overview over different orders is not feasible, and ask for your understanding. Your orders will be processed as quickly as possible and are subject to automated production and logistic processes that we cannot influence. Please consider prior to the completion of the order process whether you have added all items you wish to the shopping cart.

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My pictures are not shown after upload!

This may have various reasons:

1. There were problems during the upload. This may occur due to various reasons, maybe there were problems with the Internet connection. Please try a new upload in such cases. In case this is not successful either, please contact us.

2. The format of the uploaded image files is not supported by us. Your image file must be saved as a JPEG file. Please make sure with re-edited images, that they are saved in RGB or CMYK colour depth.

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How does the shopping cart work?

All items that you have chosen are collected in the shopping cart. Once you have completed your selection… In the overview, all items you selected are once again listed, and you can still change the amounts or delete individual items.

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What are my options for image transmission?

We offer several options to upload your pictures. You may always choose the right and best way to upload, depending on your individual preference or the amount of information to be sent.

With Jannelli & Volpi, you may choose to process your order directly on our homepage (HTML or email upload). We also offer to place an order via CD.

Individual upload
This upload version is best for sending just a few images.

Email upload
You are welcome to send your pictures via email. Please follow the instructions and transfer your image after the order process as an attachment with an email message to the address shown there.

Order on CD
When you have a large number of different pictures or a slow Internet connection, this option will be best. Please choose the corresponding button ‘order on CD’ and follow the instructions. If you order on CD for the first time, please read through the CD instructions first that are offered in the order window.

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How long does the upload via Internet take?

That depends on the amount and size of your information as well as on your Internet connection. In case of large files and a rather slow internet connection, we recommend an order on CD. Here are a few standards… 4 Mio. Pixel (~900 Kbyte):

* Modem (56 kbit): ~120 sec / image file
* ISDN (64 kbit): ~100 sec / image file
* DSL (768 kbit): ~50 sec / image file
* dedicated line (2 mbit): ~4 sec / image file

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